I’ll explain later

Doctor Grumpy and I spent most of the day scheming about our careers after the downsize, rightsize, smartsize, workforce reduction or workforce optimization, simplification, and reduction in force (RIF), erm, I mean layoff.  Folks are currently taking advantage of any budget muffintops by attending offsite training that supposedly is related to their position and/or will assist in their soon-to-be-becoming employment searches.  Grumps and I declared that we want to attend Bartending School and receive Smog Check training.  And we’d like to combine the two interests into one business.  I do the smog checks in the front, G tends the bar in the back.  We haven’t worked out all the details yet.  I told G he’d have to make a drink called Seattle Smog.  And that we’d need to offer a vehicle delivery service.  Of course we turn up the price on that part. One name we floated for the business was Two Sheets Smog Check.  As Zamboni often explained, “You gotta two job, you gotta two sheet.”