Cue Tribec

Now, I know it’s gonna be totally green when I go to work for Obama Energy Inventors and Discoverers. But right now I have a question. After I get out of the shower and dry off, I use about four or five squares of toilet paper to dry inside my ears. What is more environmentally responsible? Placing the used toilet paper in the trash or flushing it?

Day three

I caught a cold in Texas. I used the laptop (or is it notebook?) on the plane during the trip home. Mangled up a spreadsheet. Moved a desktop icon. Actually, I hid it in a faraway folder. After ginger ale, the WiFi available balloon pops up. I do recall the wait staff mentioning that one must turn off all things WiFi. But I’m an inexperienced traveler. And this aisle is dark. I click on tell me more. It offers a very strong signal called something like Free Public Access. Shouldn’t be coming from the plane, but could be. I look out the window. Maybe some city (or is it town?) in New Mexico has an all-city WiFi like I’ve read about. Could it be the Muni WiFi of Rio Rancho, NM? The to-then flight duration made the location a possibility. But what if the plane has some WiFi use detector? As I’m reading Robert Fripp’s diary, hooliganistic airline officials pile on me and haul me away in cuffs. All right in front of the boss a few rows back. Nah. I can wait.

Cookie Monster

I have a new after-hours vocation.  Scout snack sous chef.  And associate director of snack accumulation/distribution/reimbursement strategies, including incidental expenses and autoregressive tracking of snack divergence.  On Monday, my day off, I have to get up at three in the morning and travel to Texas for two days of meetings.  When I used to live there, I found that there were two days a year of really nice weather.  One day in April and one day in October.  Maybe I’ll actually be there for one of those days.  Too bad I won’t have enough time to drop by Dodie’s for some Blackened Catfish, Cajun Fries, and Dodie’s Slaw, all washed down with a Spoetzl Shiner Bock or three.

Flat is the new up

How is this new disaster different from the crash of the Great Depression?  You can open a browser and watch your money disappear in real-time.  Best advice I’ve heard so far – If you have a lawn or back yard, and you’re not growing any of your own food, get busy.

And now they want to close

The last couple of weeks at work have been noteworthy.  A product launch that I’ve been working on for about two years was finally completed.  On launch day, I waited until I was informed that the actual truck filled with the actual product actually pulled out of the parking lot before I actually went home early.  The launch hasn’t been lauded at any of the employee meetings, but I’m OK with keeping a low profile.  About two weeks ago, almost all the computers in the facility were replaced with brand new ones.  After years of explaining to management the various advantages, I got my desktop swapped out for a laptop.  Now I can login at home and respond to emails in the middle of the night.  My devoted boss just finished securing me a promotion.  A grade level leap, an increase in salary, and a pronouncement that it’s very much deserved.  See, you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.  And the Oscar is going on the north end of the mantel.