I walked up the ridge again this afternoon.

So I lied…

…I said I’d bring the big camera.

…I told Mrs. p it was safe.

This morning I took a walk from the house to a ridge above the university. It takes just about 30 minutes, door to crest. Next time I’ll take the big camera, but today I only had the phone.

On the way back, I saw a hawk land on the baseball field outer fence pole. I followed him from one pole to the next, trying to make phone photo adjustments. The bird did not seem happy about any attention I was creating for it.

While I stared into the phone, fiddling with settings, in my peripheral vision I caught the hawk diving just a few feet from me. His swoop ended at a light pole in the parking lot.
That lizard is losing more than just his tail.

I went for a second shot, but hawks are too fast for this phone cam.

A local craigslist add I saw today. I removed only the city and phone number.

“Carvin 3240 Mixing Board in anvil case – $550″

“This is a 32X4 Channel mixing board in a anvil road case in great working order.
please call Tommy Gunn no text or email greay price it cost me about 1,600 new.”

Based on his photo, methinks that Tommy Gunn has been cleaning his knobs.